Indivisual Membership

Eligibility Required

Competitive ballroom dancers from India who plan on competing in Competitions and Events within India, nationally, and internationally are required to register with AIDSF.

• Any person who is a Citizen or a Permanent Resident of India may become a member of the Federation regardless of age, sex, race and religion.
• Any person who is neither a Citizen nor Permanent Resident of India may become a member of the Federation provided :-
(a) His dance partner is a member of the Federation, and
(b) He represents India in all DanceSport competitions.
• The decision of the Committee as regards the admission of members shall be final.
• The membership is valid for one year and the renewal should be done every year.
• A membership card, which is issued to the new member, shall have to be produced for inspection when required to do so.
• All persons who wish to participate in competitions organized by the Federation must sign up as competing members with the Federation. All competing members will have to dance in ranking points competition as determined by the Committee. The top couples based on their ranking will be selected to represent India in International competitions.
• The Committee shall grade a member upon his admission. The grade of such member shall be determined by his qualifications, achievements or experiences as an amateur dancer and proof of such to the satisfaction of the Committee. The grade shall only be known as :-
(a) 'Grade A' member - " Five Dances "
(b) 'Grade B' member - " Four dances "
(c) 'Grade C' member - " Three Dances "
(d) 'Grade D' member - " Two Dances "
(e) 'Grade E' member - " One Dance "
(f) 'Social' member.

Entrance Fees

1.An entrance fee of Rs.100/- shall be payable together with the application with the application form for membership, in default of which the application would be rejected.
2.A member shall pay subscription to the Association annually in advance, on the 1st of January every year. Subscription rates shall be in accordance with the grade of a member. Such rates shall be as follows: -
(a) 'Grade A' member - Rs. 5,000/-
(b) 'Grade B' member - Rs. 4,000/-
(c) 'Grade C' member - Rs. 3,000/-
(d) 'Grade D' member - Rs. 2,000/-
(e) 'Grade E' member - Rs. 1,000/-
(f) 'Social' member - Rs. 500/-

3. If a member falls into arrears with his subscriptions or other dues, he shall be informed by the Treasurer immediately. If the arrears are not paid by the member within the next 14 days of their becoming due, his membership shall be automatically terminated.
4. A member removed from the list of membership may be re-admitted by the Executive Committee if the subscription due is paid.