All India DanceSport Federation

Dance Sport

Dance Sport championships are held in four disciplines:

1909 First "World Championship" in Paris
1932 First time that a Formation Team danced competitively, at London's Astoria Ballroom.
1935 Founding of the International Amateur Dancers Federation (IADF) in Prague.
1947 First Latin-American DanceSport World Championship.
1956 New Name: International Council of Amateur Dancers (ICAD).
1960 First TV broadcast of a DanceSport competition, in Germany.
1990 New Name: International DanceSport Federation (IDSF).
1991 Provisional Recognition by GAISF.
1992 Full Recognition by GAISF.
1992 Application submitted for Recognition by International Olympic Committee (IOC).
1995 Provisional Recognition by IOC.
1995 Membership in IWGA and ARISF.
1997 An 11-year Joint-Venture Agreement for telemedia development signed by International media giant Mark McCormack's IMG and IDSF
1997 IDSF DanceSport included in the 5th World Games, Lahti, Finland
1997 Full IOC Recognition of DanceSport and Full IOC Recognition of IDSF as the sole world representative body for DanceSport
1998 DanceSport included in the Asian Games, Bangkok, Thailand
1999 IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch attends the 1999 IDSF World Latin Championship, held in Berne/Switzerland.
2000 Application for inclusion as Medal Sport in the Summer Olympic Games
2000 DanceSport included in the Closing Ceremonies of the 2000 Summer Olympic Games, Sydney, Australia
2000 IDSF presents a demonstration of DanceSport to more than 100 top officials of the International Olympic Committee, IOC, in Lausanne, Switzerland (IOC Headquarters).
2001 DanceSport included in the 6th World Games in Akita, Japan
2005 DanceSport included in the 2005 Asian Indoor Games, Thailand, and the 2005 East Asian Games, Macau.
2005 DanceSport included as a fully televised key Sport in the 7th World Games, Duisburg, Germany.