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The Olympic Games, which happen once every 4 years, is the world's most prestigious event for players participating in any of the disciplines included in it! Most athletes and players begin preparing to participate in the Olympics, right from their childhood itself. It is a matter of honour to represent one's nation on the world stage! Now, the International Olympic Committee announced that it had now included Breakdancing also known as “ Breaking” as an official Olympic sport! The IOC took to its official Twitter handle to announce that it had registered Breakdancing as a part of the Olympic Games and that it will be included in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The IOC's tweet read, "Breaking will make its Olympic Games debut, building on the success of the sport at the Youth Olympic Games." This will not be the only new discipline making its debut at the Paris games, as skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing have also been included as reforms in the Olympic Agenda 2020. A media release by the IOC states, "Today’s decision will help to make the Olympic Games Paris 2024 fit for a post-corona world." The IOC feels that the inclusion of these new disciplines, especially urban sports, is to expand the youth-focused activity and make Olympics more engaging and inclusive for today's generation of youth!

B-boys and b-girls

The dance style gained popularity and moved into the mainstream, even featuring at the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984 where Jerry Maguire Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr was one of the official breakers dancing as Lionel Richie sang “All Night Long”

The athletes are referred to as b-boys, b-girls or breakers, the “b” standing for break, as they put down dance moves during instrumental breaks in a song.

Thirty-two b-boys and b-girls will do battle in separate competitions, with the numbers evenly split into 16 men and 16 women

Two breakers go head to head where one will perform first and then their opponent will respond. The battles are scored by judges on creativity, personality, technique, variety, performativity and musicality

The event takes place over two days, with the round-robin competition on the first day followed by the knock-out on day two.

Breaking’s Olympic debut The sport made its Olympic debut at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bumblebee, aka Sergei Chernyshev of Russia, won the boys’ title, while Japan’s Ramy “Ram” Kawai won the girls’; and there was also a mixed event, although Paris will feature only the individual event.

We are happy to announce that breakdancing is included in Paris Olympics 2024. All IndiaDanceSport Federation is working since last 17 years and have hosted around 11 National DanceSport Championships across the Country. All India DanceSport Federation is affiliated to DanceSport Asia and World DanceSport Federation. This is the biggest opportunity to all the break dancers of our country to represent India in Paris Olympics 2024.

DanceSport boasts of millions of athletes all over the world with 112 countries having its federation 94 are recognized by the National Olympic Committee. Dance sport is the regular event of Asian games and Indoor Asian games. DanceSport has been included in 2018 World Youth Games AIDSF has also sent its teams to Asian Indoor Games in Macau 2007 and Vietnam 2009, 2017 Asian Indoor & Martial Art Games in Turkmenistan

All India Dancesport Federation will be organizing events all over the recognized states to promote and create dancers for breaking across the country. We are looking at new talent which can be groomed into upcoming dancesport majors in 2022 to compete in the Olympics qualifiers. We already have more than 16 states across the country who will be a part of this qualifying program and we are open for more states to join.

International coaches will be brought By All India Dancesport Federation(AIDSF) to India to train the team of selected participants after these workshops and championships. Mr. Arvind Kumar, President of All India Dancesport Federation (AIDSF) and Mr. Biswajit Mohanty, General Secretary of All India Dancesport Federation (AIDSF) will announcing the days of workshops very soon. We are open to entries from all across the country for Breaking both B-boys & B-girls will be getting a chance to participate and qualify for Representing India

In Paris, 32 athletes (16 men and 16 women) will compete at the Paris Games by doing one-onone competitions.

Contact person :

Mr.Biswajit Mohanty

(Gen Secretary)


All India DanceSport Federation