• The World Dance Sports Federation (WDSF) has more than one hundred member countries. AIDSF is a member of the World DanceSport Federation. It was set up in 2003 to promote dance as a creative sport. AIDSF continues to focus on providing dancesport opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers thus enhancing quality of life through sport and encouraging sport for health, well being, fun, challenge and excellence.

Entering into a sponsorship agreement with AIDSF not only contributes to the social integration, through sport, of hundreds of dancers and young people in all parts of the country, it also offers sponsors direct contact with consumers, official organisations and sports organisations and institutions both nationally and internationally.

AIDSF's image is based on the foundation of social, interracial and educational values. In short, it is based on those values embodied in the Olympic spirit.
As a Sponsor you can:
Show your support for a fast growing sport with many committed & devoted athletes.

Gain national and international exposure through print & electronic media from World DanceSport Championships. Coverage will reach 140 countries.

Gain national and international exposure from articles in popular newspapers and magazines.

Create an association with a healthy; eco-friendly, vibrant and exciting activity for brand building, which is mutually beneficial.

Negotiate a flexible sponsorship arrangement with many potential endorsement opportunities.
Sponsor Benefits
The future success of Team India relies heavily on the support and financial backing of sponsors. In return we would ensure our sponsors national and international exposure as this exciting sport of dance spreading network all over the world. All sponsorship will go directly to the team for equipment, airfares, accommodation and training. As a major sponsor of the AIDSF you will receive the following comprehensive package of benefits:

Logo Exposure: Note the various logos on the athletes pictured on this page.

The dance athletes can provide logo exposure on:
- Uniforms
- Training clothing
- Equipment
- Travel bags
- Casual clothing
- Athlete posters and marketing materials
- Personal Appearances - Our athlete can be scheduled to make appearances on your behalf at:
- Corporate functions - trade shows, conventions, sales meeting
- Charity events
- Other events your company may sponsor
- Dance clinics

Use in Marketing
- print, electronic media advertising - sales brochures and promotional literature - posted on your website - commercials, infomercials and custom video productions
Internet Exposure
sponsoring one of our athletes entitles your company to additional logo exposure and hot links on the AIDSF website
• acknowledgement of contribution in the Federation's Annual Report
• invitation to special Federation functions.

For further details contact the
AIDSF Secretariat,
135, Acharya Vihar,Bhubaneswar,
Odisha- 751013, India.
or email: indiadance@rediffmail.com


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